SureWx - LWE vs METAR
LWE = We know the INTENSITY of the falling precipitation

What is it? Why not stick with METAR? After all, they do a fantastic job

The Problem

This means when you receive
an intensity in the METAR
string, that value is a rough

The Result

METAR doesn’t knowwhat precipitation is landing on
your planes.

The Solution

This means the HOT you
receive from LWE is specific to
your conditions.
So what does this all mean?

The Benefits This is the exciting part

The What

The Oooohh

How to use it Here’s how we present these benefits

Our App

We provide an app that is being used by 100,000’s pilots.
From the pilot’s perspective, they simply have to look at our app when any winter precipitation is present to see all the necessary data for a safe and efficient departure.
From our customer’s perspective, they will realise all the financial and environmental benefits simply by having the pilots use the app.
The increased OTP (or network efficiency) comes from reducing the amount of sprays per deicing event as LWE provides Longer HOTs.

Full Automation

We automate your whole winter program into our app so that only relevant information is shown to your pilots at the correct time.
The pilots will only have one, easy-to-use screen that will simplify the whole process of de-icing and ensure that your winter operation procedures and documents can be followed each and every time.

Our Portals

Our portals improve communication between the Ground Teams and the Flight Deck.
Whether you’re a dispatch operative, a ground service provider, or even a duty pilot, our portals show the same data as the app, but from a much higher view.
Our portals allow you to see up-to-date and relevant information that can improve planning and communication.

Real time alerts

Manage disruption more effectively with real time alerts.
Our portals alert you to winter weather types and allow you to assess the situation based on the HOTs your pilots are seeing.
This unique portal allows for rapid and informed decision making when the severe weather hits.
We’re only ‘scratching the surface’ of what is available....including the benefits of LWEIf you’d like to know moreContact Us(Click this button)