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Let us ask you a question (or two or three...)
Let us ask you a question (or two or three...)

Cancellation Have you ever had delays or cancellations due to winter weather?

Check Would you like to continue operations in Heavy Snow?

Cancellation Are winter operations just ‘an unfortunate expense that needs to be paid’?

Check Would you like to save around 31% from your winter fluids expenditure?

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Our international team has worked hard to become the world’s largest provider of both
Electronic Holdover Time Solutions and
Fully Automated Winter Operations Solutions.

Over 40 global airlines are our customers and friends and we’re only getting started.
Our constant development and expansion is driven by two goals -


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Sustainability. More wonderful benefits.

LWE helps to reduce glycol based fluid use by over 30%

We are very proud to be providing significant sustainability benefits to help with the global push towards a better future.

Our customers have been able to include the use of LWE in their overall sustainability plans.

Globally, we are helping to prevent many millions of kilograms of CO₂ being released into the atmosphere due to unnecessary anti-icing events.

It’s a WIN-WIN situation - the environment benefits and the airlines benefit as a result of reducing costs and increasing network efficiency,

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